Virtual mailbox companies offer businesses a real street address in the USA which allows them to be more flexible without the need of being tied up to one location. Since 2010 lots of businesses and startups started to work remotely and it’s not only relevant to online services or Silicon Valley’s startups. Many big companies who offer physical services started permanently or partially send their workers to their home offices so they can work remotely. Besides, lots of people mastered remote professions and became so called digital nomads, freelancers, self- employed entrepreneurs, etc.

The COVID-19 pandemic just accelerated this trend. Many organizations were forced to send their workers to work remotely from their homes during the lockdown period. But after this quarantine was offer many workers continued to work from their homes.  For a better communication companies need a fast and convenient mail forwarding service, that’s why virtual mailbox service getting more and more popular today. Many experts predict that this service will be still in a great request even after the COVID-19 is over. Because virtual mailbox with real registered address is highly necessary not just to businesses but also to travelers, expats and to internal migrants.


  1. Anytime Mailbox
  2. Travelling Mailbox
  3. PostScan Mail

I have a website with ratings; it’s all about virtual mailbox service. In this article I will tell you about the best virtual mailbox for businesses or self-employed individuals.

How to Choose the Best Virtual Mailbox Service for Business/Remoters/Freelancers

Criteria for selecting the best digital mailbox for business

  • Get a real physical street address, not a P.O. Box.  A virtual business address is a real street address in an office building. While a P.O. Box is just a locked mailbox situated at a post office station. Moreover, in some united states P.O. Box can’t be listed as your mail business address so if you own an LLC or a corporation you should get a real virtual address.
  • Mail and Package forwarding service. With virtual mailbox account you can get your mail shipped to you to anywhere in the world at the best rates. You will safe more than 80% on international shipping and you can choose different carriers.   This feature is essential for businesses because it’s allows you to receive all the original documents you need.
  • Check deposits. If you own a company, probably you receive checks via mail. Check deposit service is a simple and fast way to deposit checks which you receive in your virtual mailbox account. Usually it takes not more than 1 week to get the money in your bank account.
  • Registered agent service. Combining virtual mailbox and registered agent service is a smart idea for all business owners. You will be able to manage your personal, business and legal mail in one account. No need to have two separate mailboxes, easily manage it in one place by using virtual mailbox with registered agent service.

Criteria for selecting the best digital mailbox for remote workers

  • Fast tech support. As online workers must address diverse needs and discuss it with the management right away, they have to be online and to be accessible all the time. Virtual mailbox service usually has quick tech support, and everything can be discusses over the phone.
  • Shredding and recycling of junk and unwanted mail.
  • Additional useful features such as virtual phone number and integration with various services.

Criteria for selecting the best virtual mailbox for freelancers and digital nomads

  • Mail and package forwarding service. With digital mailbox you will be able to forward your mail and packages not only to all states within the USA but also to different countries at the best shipping rates.
  • Check deposits.
  • Mobile app. Most virtual mailbox services have mobile apps which are very easy to use in a daily life on the go.  Desktop version is often very inconvenient to use and app availability is a huge advantage.


  1. Anytime mailbox is a digital mailbox service with 1046 locations around the world. Users can choose the physical street address most suitable for them. Then, once they receive mail or parcel Anytime mailbox will send users app notifications or an email. Afterwards you can decide what to do with it: open&scan; forwards, recycle or shred it.
  2. Pros: Services at 1,046 locations; real street addresses; check deposit; free unlimited online storage; user-friendly app compatible to iOS and android.
  3. Cons: The price depends on the service location; some locations don’t have check deposit.


  1. Earth class mail is another well-known virtual mailbox provider, they are in business since 2006. Earth class mail has different monthly plans option such as Business Address; Starter Plan; Professional Plan ;Premium Plan. They offer all necessary mail handling service.
  2. Pros: free trial and free physical storage; check deposit service; registered agent service, multiple users can sign in, etc.
  3. Cons: high cost rates; 50$ fee if you cancel your account.


  1. Postscan mail is a mail forwarding service based in Anaheim, California with a wide selection of virtual mailing addresses. The company was established in 2010 and now they are one of the best players in this business.
  2. Pros: convenient mobile app that works on iOS and Android; large network of real street; addresses in the US; fast sign up process; local pickup available, etc.
  3. Cons: only available in the United States; locations at bigger cities are more expensive.


  1. Travelling mailbox is another secure and convenient platform for handing postal mail. They’ve been in business since 2011 and they keep evolving each day.
  2. Pros: mobile app availability on Google Play and AppStore; physical street addresses; unlimited phone support 24/7; integrations with Evernote,, Google Drive, and Dropbox; etc.
  3. Cons: some people say that turnaround time with users can be slow.


  1. Ipostal 1 is one of the largest and fastest-growing mail handling service in the world. They offer service at more than 1000 locations worldwide.
  2. Pros: convenient mobile app that work on iOS and Android; wide range of street addresses; big discounts on international shipping; etc.
  3. Cons: no registered agent service; only 2GB storage available.

Virtual Mailbox Alternatives and its Cons

Virtual Offices

Virtual Office is a service which allows companies to work remotely while providing all the essential business features via internet. Virtual mailbox is a great cheap alternative if you’re looking for business features such as permanent business address, mail handling and forwarding service. You should sign up for digital mailbox if you don’t need physical meeting space or office related service.

PO Box

PO box is a locked mailbox at a postal office. People usually use it to keep their home address private and safe while virtual mailbox address is a real street address. With a P.O. box you will still need to visit the postal office to pick up your mail while having virtual address will allow you to see all your mail online. Also, P.O. boxes are not accepted by many banks and courier companies.

Courier services

A courier service is a service that allows people to send a different packages and important documents from one location to another. Virtual mailbox service is simple and affordable while courier service usually has high prices but they offer fast and reliable delivery.