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We are delighted to welcome you on our website with the independent assessments and ratings of the best paid online survey sites and apps.  The ranking is based on our own experience and, credible reviews from different independent websites. Also, we’ve combined opinions of famous bloggers regarding this topic. And we took into consideration if the survey site has a mobile app because nowadays you don’t even need to have a laptop to earn money online. All you need is your mobile phone!

We’ve reviewed the most authoritative blogs, copied all data and tried to make the best paid site ratings 2021 as relevant as possible. We are strongly recommend you not to limit yourself using just one survey app instead you should try to test as many sites as possible because this way you can choose the one that suits you most. And you will get the maximum income from online survey websites.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey junkie is one of the best survey websites with a large collection of surveys. It was founded in 2013, Glendale, California. Survey Junkie is a legitimate company that offers extra cash to its users for testing products and participating in online surveys. This platform is free of charge and it’s super easy to sign up for an account with them via Facebook, Google or any other email address. Once you complete your profile, Survey Junkie will match you with different surveys. Their online surveys are mostly for consumer goods, but also, they have surveys about travelling, technology, and different financial product. By filling out their surveys you can make extra money anywhere from $ 0.20 to $3.50. It usually takes from 2 minutes to 30 minutes to complete their services.  And of course, they are willing to pay more for larger surveys.

Survey Junkie’s members can use its mobile app which is available on AppStore and PlayStore. With this app it’s easy to make some extra money on the go whenever you have free time.

Once you’ve completed enough surveys to reach the 1000 point which is equal to $10, you can cash out your earned money.  You will have a choice to redeem your points for cash or gift cards. They offer good gift cards such as Starbacks and Amazon cards. If you want to cash out your points, Survey Junkie will send money directly to your PayPal.

2. Prize rebel

Prize rebel was launched in 2007 and currently it’s one of the most widely used online survey website on the web. It is a platform that pays you for completing online surveys and other tasks. Other tasks include filling out offers such as signing up for trials, joining mail list, etc., also, watching short videos, doing internet research and other tasks in exchange for points. Prize rebel gives you a 100% legitimate and free opportunity to earn extra cash from anywhere. This platform is only for English speaking users as all their tasks offered in English and people from the US, Canada, Australia, UK are likely to earn more money on this website. The registration process is super simple. You just need to enter your name, email address, and a password. Also, for easier sign up you can use your Facebook account.

Prize rebel payouts are much quicker than their competitors. They offer two options; gift cards or cash. Prize rebel has rewards catalogue with over 500 gift cards options, and it is much more than their competitors offer. Also, you can redeem your points for a PayPal cash or ACH bank transfer. You can cash out $5 worth of points. Reward processing is made within 24 hours, but if you have gold status membership, you will receive your money immediately.

3. Branded surveys

Branded surveys is one of the leading paid survey communities which pays you money or rewards you with gift cards for your customer opinion. Their website is very easy to navigate, and the signup process is super simple. After signing up you will receive your first 50 points, and after that you will need to answer a few questions about yourself that only takes a couple of minutes to complete and this will give you another 10-50 points.

Branded surveys has three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.  Users move from one level to another by collecting points. Points you will receive after taking surveys and competing other tasks. Higher levels give you more earning opportunities. Also, users can earn extra points for referring their friends, and you will get a percentage of everything they earn using Branded surveys. The company gives reward payouts in US, UK, and Canadian dollars. And if you feel like doing charity work, you can also send your earned money to charity of your choice.

Minimum amount to cash out is $10. You can receive your cash via PayPal.  Per 1 survey they usually give around 300 points which is equal to $3. And also, you will be able to exchange your point to different Gift cards.

4. Swagbucks

Swagbuck is another popular website for earning extra money online by completing surveys, searching the web, playing different games, watching short videos and even shopping. Once you sign up for a Swagbucks account and become a free member, you can start earning swagbucks (SW) points. Also, you will get a $5 bonus just for signing up. Each Swagbuck is worth 1 cent US, that means that 100 Swagbucks equals $1 US. This platform is available worldwide: most countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and some African areas.  They require users to be 13 + years old. Swagbucks app is available both for iPhone and Android users. It’s a perfect and easy way to earn money while you taking metro to work, university, and just whenever you have some extra time to waste.

This platform has a big variety of paid surveys. To complete a survey usually it takes around 10 minutes that means you can earn around $6 per hour. Also, Swagbucks offers its users to complete surveys from different providers that gives people great variety in surveys options.

Swagbucks points you will be able to exchange to gift cards or cash out via PayPal. Minimum amount to cash out is $1 in gift cards and $3 in PayPal cash. They have great variety of gift cards options such as Amazon, Walmart, Target gift cards, etc.

5. Toluna

Toluna is one of the biggest online survey communities which has daily surveys you can complete in return for different rewards. Toluna focuses a lot on the value of being an influencer. Users who take their surveys are called “Toluna influencers” because their surveys come from major brands who need opinion of everyday people just like you regarding their products or services.

Toluna promises that your opinion has a direct influence oncompanies, how they do marketing, distributing or advertising new products and services to buyers like you. That’s why your opinion is very important to them and they are ready to give different rewards in return and even cold cash. Most of the time it takes around 15-20 minutes to complete their surveys. Each survey starts with some questions to make sure you’re within the targeted demographic group needed for the analysis. One of the most interesting features about Toluna is that you can request to be a product tester. If they approve you, they will send the product to you, so you can test it and provide a feedback later. It’s great because for this job you will receive a reward and you will be able to keep the product!

Toluna has an app available on Android and iOS devices. You should download the app if you consider earning money with Toluna. This app is simple and easy to navigate. Start being an influencer anytime, from anywhere.

Toluna influencers are rewarded in the form of points which can be redeemed to gift cards or cash. For every survey Toluna gives from 15 to 50.000 points, the amount depends on the length and time spent to fill out the survey.  You will be able to cash out money with PayPal, minimum amount to cash out is 10000 Points and also you can exchange it to gift card from major retailers like Starbucks, Petco, and Kohl’s.

6. My Points

My points is another global platform for secondary income-seekers who want to earn some extra cash.  It’s not just an online paid survey platform; in fact Mypoint has a great variety of different point-earning options. Users can earn point by completing online surveys; playing video games; watching short videos; searching for different information on the web; reading promotional email; participating in local deals, etc. You can choose the best earning options for you and earn money in a comfortable way for you.

Signing up process is fast and super easy. Users just need to enter their birth date, email address, and a zip code. Once, you verify your email address and pick an account password, you can start using your Mypoint account. Another great thing about this platform is that their mobile apps are compatible with iOS and Android smart phones. This is one of the most important features for users since everyone likes to earn points on the go.

Mypoints lets users exchange points in different ways. You can redeem your points for actual money using PayPal or Visa prepaid account and after to your bank account. Another option is to convert your points to airline miles, or you can choose a gift card from different retailers such as Kohl’s, Old Navy, Target, Walmart, and others. You will be able to exchange your points once you hit 700 points which is equal to a $5 gift card.

7. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another online marketing company that gives its members an opportunity to earn easy money from anywhere. The company has been around since 2000 and it has paid its users more than $59 million in cash rewards.

InboxDollars gives you free $5 to get started. All you need to do is to enter your email address, create a password for your account, verify your email afterwards and receive you $5. But this is tricky because you can’t request a payment before you earn $30. After that you will need to complete your profile and answer questions about yourself and your life. Some questions can seem too personal, but you always have an option to say, “I prefer not to say”.  This information will give them a vision for which surveys you’re qualified and for which not. Afterwards it would be easier for them to find right people to complete the survey.

InboxDollars has an app compatible with iOS and Android. Using their app will give you an access to mobile-only tasks from the InboxDollars. Or if you don’t have an app, you still can use it on your phone, just open a browser and go to It’s mobile-optimized.

InboxDollars offers different options to earn money such as completing paid online surveys; watching videos; playing games; reading promotional emails; getting cashback for online shopping with top brands; and more. After you hit the $30 mark, you will be able to cash out with a check, PayPal, or different gift cards.

8. LifePoints

LifePoints is one of the biggest influencer platform around the world that rewards its users for completing various surveys, participating in mini polls, product testing, and behavior tracking. This platform was created after 2 popular online survey websites,MySurvey and GlobalTestMarket, have united to form LifePoints. It’s a 100% legitimate survey website for everyone above 14 years old. After successfully completing surveys, participants receive their earned points right away.

LifePoint main earning possibility is completing surveys. And on the contrary with other competitors who only offer surveys in English, LifePoints has worldwide surveys in 26 languages. People all around the world can share their opinions on different products and services and earn points. This is a major advantage of LifePoint platform. Their website is very easy to use even for newbies in survey’s community. Before you start each survey, you will see the estimated time you will spend on the survey and points you can earn. Since it’s one of the biggest paid survey communities, they have a wide variety of surveys for everyone. Topics can be about politics, technology, health, fitness, food, finance, entertainment, and travel. You will get a chance to share your opinion about the product, service, sometimes even about politician candidate and put your voice out into the universe. LifePoints has an app available on any Android device. It’s user-friendly and very easy to use.

LifePoints redemption policy is quite simple. Users can exchange their points to a gift card. In order to do so, you would need to earn 550 points which is equal to a $5 gift card. Also, you’ll be able to cash out money with PayPal. The minimum amount to cash out is 1200 points which is a $10 PayPal voucher. And you can transfer your money to charity of your choice.

9. I-Say (Ipsos)

I-say is another large survey market research company that cooperates with trusted brands and companies around the world. This platform is run by Ipsos, it’s a global market research and public opinion firm based in Paris, France. But they conduct researches worldwide, including the UnitedStates and Canada. I-Say platform works the same way as other paid survey websites. Users complete surveys that help them to understand what the consumer wants and their opinion about the specific product or service. In return users get points that can be redeemed to prizes, gift cards, and cash.

In contrast with other survey websites, every I-Say survey is done within their platform and they don’t refer users to other websites to complete the survey. This makes it’s  much easier to navigate the website and there’s no need to adjust to different websites every time you complete a new survey. Each survey starts with a few questions to specify your demographic group and to understand if you’re qualified for the survey or not. In case if you’re disqualified for thesurvey after you started taking it, you will still get 5 points.  They have limited number of surveys users can take. If you hit the limit, you won’t be able to take any more surveys until it’s become available for you. Once it’s available, I-Say will notify you via email. One of the most interesting things about I-say is their loyalty program. This is their rewarding policy. After you complete a certain number of surveys, you will get extra points. For example, you will receive 25 points after completing your first 5 surveys and 100 points after your first 25 surveys. Another great thing about I-Say is their mobile apps available both on AppStore and GooglePlay. The app is very well designed and easy to use on any mobile device.

I-Say offers lots of redemption options such as gift cards for big companies like Amazon, iTunes, Uber, or Starbacks; donation to charities; visa prepaid cards and also you will be able to cash out with PayPal.  Minimum amount to cash out is $10 for a gift card, $15 for PayPal or Visa.

10. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research has been in business for more than 21 years and now it’s one of the highest-rate online survey platform. It’s owned by the respectful brand- Nielsen Company. Pinecone Research members share opinion about different products and services each time they take an online survey and according to the company it takes just a few minutes to complete a survey and for each completing survey they pay 300 points which is equal to $3.

One of the greatest things which set this platform apart from their competitors is that sometimes Pinecone research users can test physical products. Members will receive a product and try it out, after that they will need to complete the survey about this item. Usually you can keep the product after you’ve done the review. But unfortunately, some companies want their products back.

To get a full experience of Pinecone Research you should install their app which is available on AppStore and GooglePlay. Users can earn the money on the go while they watching TV or commuting to work with this super convenient app.

For every completed survey members get $3 via points. They say that each survey approximately takes 10-20 minutes. The number of surveys available is limited. As statistics says, users usually complete around 1-4 surveys per month.

Members can redeem their points for gift cards or so called eCertificates for big companies like Amazon or can request to exchange to cold cash.  You will be able to cash out your point via PayPal, bank transfers, or with postal checks. Minimum amount to cash out is $3. Be aware that after 12 months of inactivity, your points can expire.

11. Vindale

Vindale research is another legit survey and market research platform. Users get paid once their complete surveys and some offers, also if they recruit their friends to join Vindale. Vindale research was founded in 2006 in New York. Since when it has expanded into the U.K., Canada, and Australia.

Vindale research users usually earn from $ 0.80 for a 10-20-minute survey. They have a great variety of surveys and there’s no limit on the number of surveys you can complete each day as long as you’re qualified for the survey.  According to Vindale members  can expect to earn around $2-$5 per hour by completing their surveys.

Signing up process is very easy. All you need is to enter your email address, name and to complete a basic short questionnaire which will give a vision to Vindale about you and for which surveys you’re suitable. With Vindale research you can also earn money by watching videos and giving feedbacks, opening promotional email and for inviting your friends to join. For each friend you enroll, Vindale pays $5. That’s quite a lot.

The main Vindale disadvantage is that you only cash out after you hit the $50 threshold. That’s quite high if you compare it to other online survey platforms.  You will need to spend some time to receive your first cash.  To cash out your money you would need to have a verified PayPal account because they only can transfer money via PayPal.

12. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is another online survey website that offers users cash in exchange for their opinion. You’d be able to earn cash by completing surveys, watching commercials, and testing different products. Opinion Outpost is 100% legit and safe. This survey platform is owned by Dynata LLC, it’s a market research company based in Texas, US. Dynata LLC also owns other survey websites, such as OneOpinion, Vindale Research and QuickThought.

Sign up process is easy and completely free of charge. More than 2 millions users joined Opinion Outpost already. Don’t expect to earn a lot but you can make some extra cash with Opinion Outpost while you are watching Netflix or commuting to work. Before each survey you take, you need to answer a few questions so Opinion Outpost will understand if you’re qualified for the survey.  The estimated hour rate on Opinion Outpost is around $1 to $2 per hour. After your get enough point, you will be able to exchange them for rewards from their selection of partners. You can redeem it for rewards at Amazon, Target, Nike, and others or cash out via PayPal. The minimum amount of points to redeem differs between their reward partners. For example, with Amazon their offer the payout at 50 points which is equal to $2,5, while PayPal offers 100 point or $5.

Opinion Outpost doesn’t have a mobile app unfortunately. But members can still complete surveys on the phone on the opinion outpost website, because its mobile-friendly.

How to make more money on online survey Sites & Apps?

How to earn more? A few tips to increase your online income.

  • Sign up on different platforms. Join as many paid survey sites as possible. This way you will have more options instead of waiting for surveys availability on one platform.
  • Stay tuned for new updates
  • Participate in different rewarding activities ( lots of these platforms offer cash not just for completing surveys but also for other activities such as watching commercials, opening promotional email, referring friends, testing products, and many more)
  • If the company has a mobile app, you should install it in order to make more money on the go while you commuting to work or watching TV.
  • Check all your emails regularly so you won’t miss important surveys. Also, some of these surveys are open only for a day.
  • Watch out for fake survey sites. We’ve reviewed many sites and we found the best legit survey platforms available today.
  • Never pay money to join a website. All survey sites are free to join.
  • Always cash out your money once you hit the limit. Unless you’re saving your points to exchange it for a bigger award.

 Is it true that only USA citizen can earn money on survey sites?

Our rating is relevant to the USA citizens and users from English speaking countries including Canada, UK, Australia. If you’re from another country, you should look through the conditions of each survey sites (all platforms have different country list they are working with). Also, we recommend to consider local survey sites if you are not living in the USA. Most of the time local paid survey platforms have better payout terms because of a narrow targeting segment.

Can I change my address to the USA for signing up onthese sites and apps?

We are strongly advising you not to use VPN to change your IP location to the USA. In case they will discover what you’ve done they will block your account and will cancel the payout. You will waste your time and energy.

How to protect yourself and prevent frauds?

Don’t fully trust to unknown websites. Unfortunately, in this field people are deceived easily. Also, one of the main precautions should be the high money threshold to cash out (which usually just a few users can reach). Always check the background of the company. Well-established companies are more trustworthy, and you can always read other users review. Also, never trust survey platform that asking you for money to register. A legitimate company never asks for money to join. And even if the site seems okay but you still don’t trust it, go for other platforms. There are so many survey providers today that you can choose the one that suits you best.


Can you earn real money via online survey sites and how to get it?

Legitimate online survey platforms really do pay cash. These companies need everyday influencers just like you to complete surveys and give a real feedback to market brands and companies regarding different products and brands. Your opinion helps them to improve their work. In exchange for that, they give you various rewards. The best paid survey websites offer different ways to cash out the rewards including gift cards for big brands or PayPal payout.

Many platforms offer virtual points for completing surveys. How to use it?

Virtual points are like money on the survey sites. Users can easily exchange it to different gift cards or real cash. But survey platforms have different redemption policy and the minimum amount to cash out can vary a lot. The point system is usually very clear and direct, and it shows how many points worth in dollars. But  each survey sites have different point system with various reward policy.

What survey topics these companies offer?

There are so many topics available on different survey website such as travelling, shopping, politics, finance, technology, food, health, and others. Every user will find a few topics which are more interested to them. And if you sign up for different survey sites, you will have more survey options.

Is the income on survey sites and apps legal?

The short answer is yes, it’s 100% legal and many users use this opportunity to earn extra cash. However, online survey sites can’t replace a full time income. But it’s possible to earn some extra money whenever you have a free time.

How much time do you need to spend to complete these surveys?

The time users spend on completing surveys varies a lot. It can be just a few minutes or a few hours. It depends on the length and severity of the survey. But the more questions the survey has, the more money companies are willing to pay.

Can you trust out ratings? What it’s based on?

  1. Your estimated income from these platforms, considering the number of available tasks and average pay.
  2. Mobile apps availability on each platform.
  3. Reviews on different sites from anonymous users.
  4. Reviews and ratings from popular credible bloggers.

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